Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's time for President Gore to move into the White House

The Democrats are about to blow it. In a year when even the stodgiest Republicans predicted an easy Democrat take-over in the White House, we're managing to do little more than look petty, stubborn and self-serving.

I'm almost embarrassed to claim membership in the Party. Obama and Clinton bickering and tripping over their own words are just a part of it. Add to that the DNC refusing to "count" the primaries in Florida and Michigan because they weren't held when the DNC wanted--bad PR, bad business and bad judgment.

Oh yeah, we've also got Democrat Joe Leiberman stuck like Velcro to John McCain, and politicians like Claire McCaskill and the newly-goateed Bill Richardson all starry-eyed, fawning over Barack Obama.

On slow news days, the media whips out the Democrat tradition of Super Delegates to bat around. Betcha they can keep the controversy going on that right up till the final vote. They're practically drooling over video clips of preachers hollering about the race relations, and Hillary Clinton exaggerating stories from 16 years ago.

Can we fix it? YES WE CAN!

Its not too late. We elected him once, and in the years since, he's shown the dignity and intelligence he would bring to the office.

The situation in our country--in the world--it too serious, too dangerous, to let this election be about race, or gender, or age alone. There is too much at stake now. We need to elect a president who can resurrect the economy, stabilize the crisis in the Middle East, work to find solutions for the decay in society's foundation: Education, health care, housing.

And we need to nominate a candidate who can win the presidency.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Will tomorrow be any different?

It was the noon hour on Good Friday. The atmosphere in Lucy's Chinese Food was casual, with good smells coming from the kitchen. I waited in line behind a woman ordering lunch for the three or four adults and some kids who were taking seats at the table closest to her. One of the kids was a little boy of about 6 or 7 who was jockeying for position next to the chair he wanted when he collided with a waitress carrying a full glass of coke.

Splash! Crash! Ice and soda tumble to the floor in a spectacular thunk.

You'd have thought it was a bottle of Dom Perrignon.

"KNUCKLEHEAD" the woman placing the order (his mother we assume) shouts at the boy.

Everyone freezes.

The waitress starts to push ice cubes back into the cup, when the mother turns ferociously again and says, "See what you did?" and then "What did you do?"

This kid has clearly learned his lesson before. "She did it," he said quietly.

"Whatever," whispers the waitress as she sweeps up ice and soda with a stiff broom.

"Are you lying to me? Is he lying to me?" She asks the waitress now, with her voice getting harsher, louder still.

"No," (by now the waitress has figured mom out, too), "No, that's what happened."

Mother then balled up her fist and shook it in the little boy's face.

Happy Easter.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Sign of Our Impending Doom

This advertisement was at the top of my gmail page:

"BookSwim: Why buy books when you can rent? Free Shipping, No Late Fees!"

Why rent books when you can borrow them for free at the library for heaven's sake?

Renting books.

I think my head is going to explode.